Surviving and Thriving In Times Of Crisis As A Small Business

How do you handle emergency situations when they come up at your Small Business? When (because it will) disaster strikes, how you respond and manage your team and your business can make the difference between success and failure.

In this Small Business Newsletter, we will discuss a topic that has become near and dear to the hearts of us all in the past year, planning to survive and even thrive during times of crisis.

In this newsletter, we’ll cover:

  • How to Plan And Prepare For Times of Crisis (264)
  • Surviving and Thriving In Crisis (267)

How To Plan And Prepare For Crisis (4 Tips):

  1. Diversify your product lines, supply chain, and business model. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  2. Virtualize Your Communication: Have easy access to several communication paths with staff
  3. Maintain easy reliable access to cash
  4. Make Sure You Have Business Insurance

Resources For Small Businesses:

SBA Guide To Emergency Preparedness:

US Chamber Of Commerce Recovery Guide:

SBA Disaster Loan Assitance:

Surviving And Thriving In Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times. Every Small Business is being or will be impacted by COVID. We recently discussed how to plan for and respond to disasters. Now, let’s discuss How to get your Small Business connected to any relief efforts that may be announced and how to talk to your customers about what you are doing during this crisis.

Here Are 4 Tips:

  1. Amplify Your Voice

2. Talk With Your Customers

3. Manage Your Staff

  • Be transparent but reassuring about the financial situation
  • Protect your staff, and do what you can to keep them secure

4. Crisis Can Lead To Opportunity

  • Survive Now, and You’ll Thrive Later

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