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Employee Ownership — The Small Business Show 373

An Interview With Reggie Fils-time From Nintendo

Dave attended @SXSW recently and caught a great keynote from the former COO and President of Nintendo. Reggie is an award-winning innovator and disrupter most recognized as the retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America (NOA), the largest division of the Japanese entertainment company Nintendo Co., Ltd. (NCL). In this capacity, he helped bring Nintendo’s greatest successes to the global marketplace. Learn More In This Mini-Lesson from Episode 373.

The Problem With Giving Employees What They Want

Small Business owners want happy and productive employees. Can you get those types of employees by giving them everything they say they want? Do your employees really know what they want and if you plan on asking them, what’s the best way to phrase the question? Get The Answers To These Questions And More In This Mini-Lesson From 373.

The Arrival Fallacy:

INC Magazine Article:

The Santa Story

What does believing in Santa and your small business have in common? Find out in this mini-lesson from 373, It’s all about ownership over your decisions and how you frame your mindset.

Giving Your Employees Ownership

Inc Magazine shared a story about asking employees what they wanted — as it relates to going back to work. They flipped the script and asked employees “What would you decide” in this situation? They found that the “What would you decide” question instilled ownership thinking instead of “it’s someone else’s decision” Learn more in this mini-lesson



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