SBS Newsletter: The Credibility Funnel

Building A Credibility Funnel

Define Your Credibility

Credibility and trust are a critical part of Small Business success. Potential customers need to know that your business is trustworthy and that your employees are working on the customer’s best interests. Whether you are just starting your business or you have been in business for some time, there are a few crucial steps needed to exponentially increase your credibility.

Defining Your Personal Brand

Knowing where you provide value to your customers is the first step towards being credible. What achievements have you reached? What education do you have? Showing off your expertise in a subject can show confidence, and customers are drawn to confidence when choosing a good or service. Become an expert! Publish content on a blog or online platform as much as possible, in order to create an online portfolio showing off your knowledge and skills as a company. Getting others to vouch for your company is also a great way to build trust. Finding places where people are already talking about your business and asking them to link to your webpage is a good way to create credible backlinks.

Here are some great examples of people who use their personal brand to help build credibility in their workspace.

Brian Burke from Sell Your Mac:

Gary VonMyhr of Tech Defenders:

Jason O’Grady’s PowerPage:

The Credibility Funnel

A Credibility Funnel is a path used to build trust with potential customers and to remove any concerns about doing business with you. The Credibility Funnel ultimately leads to more customers, more sales, more business. So, what are the steps to achieving this funnel?

Step 1: Push out credible content and information about your business

Step 2: Create Easy Web Addresses and Phone Numbers for your customers

I.e. BusinessShow.Co

Step 3: Add Value — Conversion

Show benefits and incentives to purchasing (Promotions)

Step 4: Level Up the After Purchase Relationship

Ask for recommendations, referrals, social media follows, and reviews from customers

Want to Learn More?

Watch Episode 259 on The Credibility Funnel Here:








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