SBS Newsletter: Branding Yourself & Your Business

The way in which you choose to brand your business can make a vital impact on the growth and reputation your brand can have. In this newsletter, we will be covering several topics from previous podcast episodes on how a business owner can tackle branding themselves and their business.

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Branding Your Business ( SBS 110)
  • Your Personal Brand & LinkedIn (SBS 302)

Branding Your Business

What’s in a name? Everything when it comes to your company or brand! As founders, owners and stewards of Small Businesses, we all know how important your company or brand name is. Join us today on the Small Business Show, as we discuss Mike Pile’s, Founder of Uppercase Branding, tips and methods for coming up with great names.

Mike discusses how prioritizing tasks and projects when you are the boss can be one of the most challenging adjustments after leaving a corporate job, along with being sure to disconnect at the end of the day to keep your creative juices flowing.

Here are 8 Things To Keep In Mind When Defining Your Company’s Brand:

#1 Brand Names are Your Verbal Identity

#2 Leverage Your Company’s Unique Story

#3 Prioritize Tasks & Projects by Impact and Time

#4 Use Your Existing Network Connections- Reach Out

#5 Who are you trying to reach (prospects)? Who are you reaching? (customers)

#6 A Great Name Won’t Help A Bad Business Model

#7 Bring Credibility To Your Brand Through Consistency& Transparency

#8 Set Both A Realistic, Measurable Goal To Achieve, and A Lofty Over-arching Mission to achieve

Find Out More In Episode 110 Here:

Personal Branding & LinkedIn

As Small Business owners, we are all laser-focused on creating healthy and profitable businesses as part of the path to living a Charmed Life. But what about building your own personal brand? Expanding off of your business success to create a network of success based just on who you are. Today on the show, we are joined by one of our favorite guests to discuss the art of personal branding. Brian Burke is the Founder and Chief Mac Man at, Founder of, he’s a Board Member and Technology Chair for the Adopt a Class Foundation, and he’s pretty much the most active person you will find on LinkedIn with over 14,000 followers. He’s the guy in the bright blue suit with the huge smile on his face, and today, we’re going to talk about Brian’s take on the power of building your personal brand.

Here Are Brian’s Top Tips From Episode 302:

#1 Be Authentic In Your Posts

#2 Vary Your Content (photos, videos, and text posts)

#3 Be Consistent (Post at least 2x a day)

#4 Use Your Personal Branding As A Network Tool For All Your Ventures

#5 Jonathan Palmer LinkedIn Video Tips

#6 LinkedIn has less saturation than Facebook and Other platforms

#7 Be extremely active with others…you must engage and comment

#8 Like and Comment On Your Own Stuff On LinkedIn

#9 You have a 30–60 Minute Window To Engage After Posting

#10 An Overnight Success Can Take At Least A Year

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