How To Create An Executive Summary

Small Business Show Mini-Lessons

The Value Of Working Agreements

Working Agreements can be a great test to make sure who you are working with is a good match before you even get started. Learn more in this mini-lesson from 365 and find our Working Agreement Template Here:

Creating An Executive Summary Part One

It’s a new year and a good time to reflect on how things went for your business in 2021. An Executive Summary is what you need. Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as they discuss the value of the Executive Summary and how they each use it in different ways to help run their businesses. Here’s a guide to creating an executive summary:

The Executive Summary Part 2: How To Get Started

We know it can be hard to know where to start such a big task as an executive summary. Check out this mini-lesson on how you can frame an executive summary to make it more engaging and give yourself more incentive to start! #smallbusiness

The Power Of Creating Success Lists

As a Small Business Owner, how often are you getting a pat on the back? Not often enough. Do your employees tell you when you do a great job? We didn’t think so. At the Small Business Show, we are firm believers that to create your Charmed Life and to be successful (however YOU define that term), you need to create your own reality. Your inner voice — your inner judge — needs to be reminding you all the time about just what a bad-ass you actually are. Find Our Success Template Here:

The Small Business Executive Summary — What it is and why you need it — Small Business Show 365



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