Essential Small Business Tools

We have aggregated the ultimate list of tools to have in your Small Business Toolbox.

We’ll Cover:

#172: Essential Small Business Tools

#196: Small Business Tools For Success

#71: Small Business Hardware and Software

Essential Small Business Tools

What essential Small Business Tools can you not live without? Here’s what we have found are the most vital applications and systems for our Small Businesses.

  1. Flexibility: Create room to adapt and change your business model
  2. FileMaker: A Database Builder built to be customized to track your business, can save money on CRM
  3. MacBook Pro & iPhone: Great for creators, organization, and e-commerce
  4. Mail Act-On for Macs: Sort Mail Easily With Customized Key Commands, Delay email send-outs for last-minute insertions
  5. SaneBox: Cloud Service for Your Email: Create Smart Email Folders and Commands to stay organized
  6. Synology Diskstation: network storage with private dropbox
  7. Slack: Manage Company Communication: DO NOT Run your own mail server in house
  8. Trello: Task Management: Integrates with Slack
  9. Excel and Google Sheets for Large Data List Tracking and Analysis
  10. Pixelmator for easy photo editing

Small Business Tools For Success

From time to time we discuss the tools we use to run our own Small Businesses and why we couldn’t live without them. Join us today for our second installment of Tools for Small Businesses to hear from your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton about their favorite business products.

  1. Google Hangouts For Business Conferences
  2. GarageSale Helps Manage eBay Listings
  3. GaragePay Helps Manage PayPal Transactions
  4. Manila Envelopes
  5. Filmora Wondershare Lifetime Pass

Small Business Hardware and Software

What technology products and services do your Small Business need to succeed? Computers, phones, software, and more — essential tools for starting and running your business.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems:, Ring Central, Grasshopper

Accounting Software:

Freshbooks, QuickBooks, AccountEdge

Payment Processing:

PayPal, Square, Stripe, Shipworks, Shipstation

Customer Support:

HelpScout, ZenDesk


Filemaker Pro

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