Defined Benefit Retirement Plans, Employee Perspectives, and SXSW

The Small Business Show 374

What Is A Defined Benefit Retirement Plan?

Defined Benefit Plans Can Be Helpful For Both Small Business Owners And Employees. Find out more in this mini-lesson from SBS 374.

The Employee Perspective On Being Laid Off

Here’s a great discussion on the mindset of employees around being laid off versus the mindset of owners who have to lay employees off. Find the Twitter Thread Here:

The PEZ Outlaw

Dave attended SXSW recently and got to see some awesome movies about some of the most wild entrepreneurs. Here’s the most wild one yet….

What’s The Story With Bose?

Here’s a mini-segment from Episode 374 of The Small Business Show. Find out more about the hubris of Bose as a business.



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