Becoming A Solution Maker

The Small Business Show 361 Mini-Lessons

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Identifying & Breaking Down Big Problems

How to shift to a Solution based thought process: The problem may seem insurmountable, and that is stopping the development of solutions. Big problems are like this. Break the problem down into smaller pieces Identify which of those pieces you can solve quickly by taking Action Recognize the solution process and celebrate it loudly.

Finding Solutions & Eliminating Resistance

Everyone loves to complain. It can bring people closer together when they share the same complaints. Look at politics — well, don’t, but that is one example. Point this out to your team and challenge them to bond over solutions — it will bring them much closure together when they share success. It also helps if you recognize that some people (those that work for you or partner with you) don’t WANT to solve the problem because it is the very reason for their existence.



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