Avoiding Employee Burnout

— Business Brain 399

  • 00:01:09 Small Business Therapy
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  • 00:02:51 Virtual Employees
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  • 00:07:00 Avoiding Employee Burnout
  • Identify the scope — Is it one person, or is it systemic
  • Read the room, then document, document, document
  • Gallup Poll of Employee Burnout
  • Burnout Reason: People felt they were treated unfairly
  • 00:17:48 Burnout Reason: Unmanageable Workload
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  • 00:23:15 Burnout Reason: Lack of Role Clarity
  • 00:28:54 Burnout Reason: Lack of Communication and Support from Their Manager
  • 00:34:27 Burnout Reason: Unreasonable Time Pressure
  • 00:37:09 Burnout mitigation tips:
  • Time off
  • “Free” time
  • Work from home days
  • Mix it up
  • Give people a budget
  • Quartet Glass Whiteboard
  • 00:43:31 BB 399 Outtro
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