Business Brain Mini-Lessons 397

Cutting Monthly Fees For Your Business

Here are some great ways to cut monthly expenses for your business or side hustle.

Diversifying Your Wealth

Would you invest all your money in one stock? If the answer is no, why would you invest all your efforts into one company, one side hustle, and one career path? Join us today as we discuss the concept of the Portfolio Life and how it fits into our favorite Revenue Stack idea to help you create wealth, build flexibility into your life and add stability to your personal system for success.

The Art Of Replacing Yourself

Mastering the art of replacing yourself in your business is one of the keys to living that charmed life we always talk about. Replacing yourself allows you to make time to start other ventures & diversify your portfolio.

Benefits of Expanding Your Wealth

Here are some of the benefits of diversifying your wealth as a business owner or entrepreneur.



Business Brain Mini-Lessons

Apple Event Days

In this week’s episode of Business Brain, Dave and Shannon chat about their experiences with Apple Events!

Principles Of The Business Brain

Join us today on Business Brain as we discover and explore Ray Dalio’s Principles for success.

Building A Factory In Your Mind

Dave and Shannon will help you start building the Factory in Your Brain to create success and a Charmed Life for your business and personal life.

Having A Charmed Personal and Business Life



Business Brain Mini-Lessons

The Value Of Attending Conferences

There is a ton of value in attending conferences for your industry or business. Learn more in this mini-segment from 395. Find the full episode here:

Is College Really Worth It?

Is college worth the investment? Find out what Dave and Shannon think in this mini-lesson from 395.

Building A Business In The Creator Economy

Here’s a mini-lesson on how to build a business as a creator. Learn more in Episode 395.