The Business Brain Mini-Lessons

Should you talk about politics at work? What rules do you use in your business? Let us know!

In this mini-lesson, we cover the importance of taking breaks as an entrepreneur. It gives your brain a moment to think about real solutions to real problems!

Learn more about switching up your daily grind and vacationing for the benefit of your business!

Reading and Meditation can be a great way to escape from daily life as an entrepreneur! Learn more in this mini-lesson



The Business Brain Show 391

An Interview With Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere

The Covid-19 lockdowns created headaches for many business owners and created opportunities for others. Gary Arndt, the host of the Everything Everywhere podcast, falls into BOTH of those categories. Learn more about Gary in this mini-lesson. Find the full lesson on our channel.

Revenue Stacks In Action

Here’s How Gary Arndt Uses Revenue Stacks in His Personal and Business Life!

Podcasting As A Business

Learn how to manage your podcast as a business!



Business Brain Quick Tip: Interruptions Can be Opportunities

In this business brain exercise, we talk about seeing interruptions as opportunities and we take a look into Mark Cuban’s Cost-Plus Drug Company.

Hiring Quick Tip for Checking References

Use this quick tip from Freakonomics to get the best responses when checking a potential employee’s references.

Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

Delegating Your Business The Right Way



How To Diversify Your Income and Business Profits

What Is A Revenue Stack?

Learn what a revenue stack is and why you should have one for your business and in your personal life!

The Power Of Having Many Bosses

Diversifying how you make your money is the ultimate key to living the charmed life we talk so much about, learn more about the power of having many bosses in this mini-lesson.

How To Create A Revenue Stack

Get the first steps to creating your Revenue Stack in this mini-lesson from 387.

Side Hustles and The Power Of Small Sums

Diversifying How You Make Your Money Is One of The Most Powerful Ways To Using Your Money Wisely and Efficiently.