4 Business Tips for Musicians

Business Brain 394 Mini-Lessons

A Guide To Business As A Musician

Every musician is a small business owner, and this week we have Paul Kent from Gig Gab — The Show for Working Musicians — join us for a crossover episode to dive into how we can apply our business brains in our musical endeavors! Find the full episode at BusinessBrain.show

Managing A Band: How Does It Work?

When it comes to booking gigs, scheduling practices and etc…how does a band manage that? Find the full episode here: https://businessbrain.show/business-of-music-bb394/

Hitting An Artistic Block: Is Passion Enough?

Do you ever lose your love of being a musician? What happens when you hit a wall or get stuck in a rut? Find out in this segment from our crossover episode with Gig Gab!

The Auditioning Business

Learn about auditions from a business perspective in this mini-lesson from episode 394.



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